Welcome to the web sites of Mr. Vojtěch Havlas, MD, PhD. On these pages you find information about possibilities of diagnosis, conservative and operating treatment of mobile apparatus of adults and children too.

The main areas of Doc. Havlas´s professional interests are the following fields of orthopedics and traumatology:

  • the sports traumatology of minors and adults
  • the arthroscopical output on knees, shoulders, elbows, anklebones and hips
  • the complex orthopedical recontructional surgery of knees, shoulders and head limbs
  • the treatment and replacements of cartilage
  • the treatment of instability of knees and shoulders, the recontruction of lingements, the treatment of damage of rotatory cuff of shoulder´s joint, etc.
  • the orthopedics and traumatology of minors
  • the endoprotetic of main limb´s joints